WWC Day 7 Wrap: ‘Passionate’ Haudenosaunee upsets Scotland

WWC Day 7 Wrap: ‘Passionate’ Haudenosaunee upsets Scotland

Miya Scanlan celebrates after scoring a goal against Scotland on Tuesday.

TOWSON, Maryland— The Haudenosaunee are reaching their peak at just the right time — and head coach Liz Beville couldn’t be more excited about it.

On Tuesday, the No. 12 seed in the Women’s World Lacrosse Championship edged past fifth seed Scotland 11-9 in the championship bracket, securing the team their first top eight finish since 2013. This year there, the Haudenosaunee finished seventh, the best in its history.

Could an even better finish arrive this week? The team’s next test is Wednesday at 2pm against No. 4 Australia in the quarter-finals.

“We put the pieces together at the right time,” Beville said Tuesday night. “We are super excited. We hit our stride at the right time.

Not one player has fueled the team’s rise, although there are certainly a few who deserve credit. Miya Scanlan received two Player of the Match awards, dominating as an offensive force and a powerhouse. Having just completed his freshman year at Jacksonville, Scanlan has impressed Beville with his development since the trial process.

Then there’s Paige Crandall, Beville’s varsity goaltender at Le Moyne, who has improved throughout the tournament. She made nine saves against Scotland, a day after making five in a win over Argentina.

“People are watching. Whether you’re a native or not, you support this team,” co-captain Lois Garlow said during a team meeting Tuesday night.

“The girls are really passionate and really want to play at a high level,” Beville said. “They understand what this game means to their people and to themselves, and they want to represent it at the highest level.”


The Czech Republic advance to the quarter-finals of the Championship for the first time in history, securing the team a top-eight finish at Towson for the first time since 2005.

Anna Lottmann had four goals, two assists and three draw checks and Anna Ničová claimed Player of the Match with 11 saves to lead the Czech Republic (10th) to a 14-9 win over Germany (7th). ).

“I don’t care about saves,” Ničová said through Lottmann, his interpreter. “It’s unbelievable that with this young team we have made history like this.”

The Czech attack was sharp. In a pivotal two-minute streak to end the second half, his attack scored three times – twice by Michaela Srchová (three goals, two assists) and once by Belle Martire (five goals) – to take a lead of 8-4.

Germany opened the third quarter with their own three-goal streak — Jenny Markey, Tessa Helf and Jule Neubauer were responsible for those goals — to cut it to 8-7 with 9:26 left in the period.

That fluid Czech offense erupted again, scoring five consecutive goals to seal the game. Lottmann said the team’s sharp play also sharpened a few days ago.

“The first time we did this was against Mexico two days ago,” Lottmann said. “Before, we were so eager to get to the goal because we haven’t played for so long and there are new faces in the team. It’s been two games since we did that, and it’s perfect. It’s us.”

Even on the other side of the pitch, Ničová could tell the attack was at its best. Did she know that was something her team was capable of?

“Of course,” Ničová, 34, said without hesitation.

No interpreter needed.


  • Israel became the first team to seal their place in the Championship quarter-finals with a 12-3 win over Mexico. England joined them as the second team in the quarter-finals with an 11-1 win over Wales. The two teams will face off in the first quarter-final tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Unitas Stadium. Israel will make their third quarter-final in their third Championship appearance, while England have finished in the top eight in all of their appearances. Zoe Martin scored a hat trick to lead the way for Israel and four other players added goals. Israel’s defense resulted in 11 turnovers. England’s attack relied on Megan Whittle in a low-scoring affair as she contributed six of 11 goals. England’s defense was excellent, allowing just 14 shots and six shots on goal, with goalkeepers Brittany Read and Katherine Greenwood combining for five saves.

  • Australia started their knockout campaign with a comfortable 18-4 victory over Ireland and will play the Haudenosaunee Wednesday. Stephanie Kelly and Hayley Sofarnos both scored four goals for Australia, and Ashtyn Hiron added three. Australia have now finished in the top eight or better in their 11 world championship appearances.

  • Canada qualified for the quarter-finals after taking care of business against Puerto Rico 17-6. Canada has finished in the top eight or better in its 11 world championships. Erica Evans scored four goals for her second game in a row. Aurora Cordingley also powered up the offense with three goals and two assists.


  • Spain picked up their first win at Towson in spectacular fashion, beating Switzerland 6-5 in overtime. Catalina Burguera scored three of the six goals, including the winner in the sudden victory. Spain’s extraordinary effort on the ground balls, a 19-9 advantage, helped offset a 12-3 lead in testing in the tie for Switzerland. Spain will face Netherlands in the platinum bracket quarter-finals.

  • Sweden pulled out of a tough challenge from Argentina in the fourth quarter to win 12-10. Latvia won its second match at Towson after beating Colombia, 13-1. The teams will face off in the Quarter-Finals of the Platinum Slice. Emma McCrea scored three goals for Sweden, and Teckla Jackson and Sara Björk each added two goals. As for Latvia, Laura Liepiņa scored three goals and two assists. Latvia limited their opponents to just three shots in total and collected 20 balls on the ground.

  • Korea came away with his first victory in Towson after beating Austria 13-7. Korea advance to the Platinum Group Quarter-Finals, where they will face China. Anna Kim filled the scoresheet with four goals and two assists, while Esprit Cha and Yoori Hong each contributed three goals.


Championship bracket

(6) Israel 12, (11) Mexico 3
(3) England 11, (14) Wales 1
(12) Haudenosaunee 11, (5) Scotland 9
(4) Australia 18, (13) Ireland 4
(2) Canada 17, (15) Puerto Rico 6
(10) Czech Republic 14, (7) Germany 9

(1) United States vs. (16) Hong Kong, China, 7:30 p.m.
(8) New Zealand vs (9) Japan, 7:30 p.m.

Platinum support

(27) Spain 6, (22) Switzerland 5 — extra time
(21) Sweden 12, (28) Argentina 10
(20) Latvia 13, (29) Colombia 1
(26) Korea 13, (23) Austria 7

Jamaica vs Norway, 7:30 p.m.

N°17 Italy, goodbye
No. 18 China, goodbye
No. 19 Netherlands, goodbye


Bracket Championship Quarter-final

11 a.m.: (3) England v (6) Israel
2 p.m.: (4) Australia vs. (12) Haudenosaunee
5 p.m.: (2) Canada v. (10) Czech Republic
8 p.m.: (1) USA/(16) Hong Kong, China winner vs. (8) New Zealand/(9) Japan winner

Championship bracket consolation

9 a.m.: (11) Mexico v (14) Wales
12 p.m.: (5) Scotland v (13) Ireland
3 p.m.: (7) Germany v (15) Puerto Rico
6:00 p.m. (1) USA/(16) Hong Kong, China losing to (8) New Zealand/(9) Japan losing

Platinum Bracket Quarter-Final

10 a.m.: (19) Netherlands v (27) Spain
1 p.m.: (18) China vs (26) Korea
4 p.m.: (20) Latvia v (21) Sweden
7 p.m.: (17) Italy against (24) Jamaica / (25) Norway winner

Consolation Platinum Console

1:30 p.m.: (28) Argentina vs (29) Colombia
Thursday, 9 a.m.: (22) Switzerland vs. (23) Austria

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