Will we have news in August?

We’re almost into August – is it finally time for news on a SEAL Team season 6 release date?

It’s probably not going to be as shocking as we’d rather know when David Boreanaz’s show airs, especially since it’s already been in production for over two months. It feels like we can firmly rule out its airing next month since we’re almost there, but does that completely rule out the possibility of an announcement? We do not think so !

Whether or not we get any probably depends on how Paramount+ plans to roll out the series. We strongly believe they will want it this fall, and we have a feeling that all of these episodes will be ready in plenty of time. If they plan to release it in September, then 100% we get an August premiere date. Otherwise, we could wait a little longer. We can’t imagine them going any longer than September without announcing Something, mainly because the last time we personally consider the show is November. Waiting any longer would disrupt the release patterns we’ve seen for every season so far.

No matter when he Is first, we tend to think that Paramount will go to great lengths to promote it and get it off to a good start. It turned out to be a great achievement for them after moving it from CBS; we know it was a big gamble, as there was no real guarantee it was going to work. Still, we think that move only allowed the series to grow stronger and tackle even bigger real-world issues.

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What do you think we’ll see when it comes to a SEAL Team season 6 release date?

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