Will there be a Season 6 of SEAL Team at Paramount+?

As we come to the end of another TV season, we find out if our favorite shows will return. Will be SEAL Team come back for season 6?

We are so used to going into May not knowing if we will have another season of SEAL Team. It’s a series that has regularly been on the bubble, so it’s normal to worry about it now.

Season 5 received a different treatment compared to previous seasons. Only four episodes aired on CBS, with the rest of the season moving to Paramount+. This is where the show will now stay, and the fifth-season finale aired in January 2022 rather than airing next May.

With the finale already airing, you’ll want to catch up as soon as you can. This is especially the case with the good news we have.

The SEAL Team is renewed for Season 6

There was some great news shortly after the fifth season finale. Paramount+ renewed SEAL Team for Season 6. This means we’ll see what happens to Bravo Team after seeing the team surrounded by enemies.

We don’t have a premiere date yet, but we do know that filming should start in late May. That’s earlier than normal for the series, but that’s likely due to Max Thieriot landing the CBS pilot’s lead. Cal Fire. If this pilot is taken up in the series, filming will probably take place in the summer, so filming for SEAL Team should be finished by then.

There are 10 episodes in the sixth season. Yes, that makes it the shortest season yet. This is the normal length of a streaming show, which this series has now become. We should see it running uninterrupted, and that might be possible with a fall release date.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+.

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