Why SEAL Team May Miss a Star When Season 6 Airs

While fans of military drama SEAL Team eagerly awaiting season 6 plus a streaming movie starring Bravo (which David Boreanaz has already celebrated), the show may be missing a star when the show returns to Paramount+. Max Thieriot, who plays Bravo-6 Clay Spenser, is working on a project that may have conflicts.

Last fall, it was announced that Max Thieriot and CBS were developing Cal Fire, a series based on the experience of the actor who grew up in the country of the fires of Northern California. At the time, he was only on the project to serve as writer and executive producer, though now things have changed. Thieriot is now ready to play in Cal Fire‘s pilot, according to Deadlineso Clay may be absent from the upcoming sixth season of SEAL Team hopefully with the potential new CBS show.

In Cal Fire, Thieriot will play Bode, a young convict. He didn’t have the best life growing up and got into trouble, but he had a chance with a firefighting program in his Northern California hometown, working alongside fellow inmates and others. firefighters. Filled with guilt, Bode must move on and look to the present, even though it probably won’t be easy. Currently, the series only has a pilot deal with CBS, but if picked up as a series, Thieriot could possibly do both that and SEAL Team.

The actor would be the only main SEAL Team actor who has yet to sign a contract for season 6, which is no surprise if he wanted to see what would happen with Cal Fire. The series has an intriguing plot, and I’d say there can never be enough procedurals on television. While I’d like to see Clay Spenser stick around SEAL Teammaybe it’s time for Bode to shine.

Coincidentally, the Season 5 finale of SEAL Team gives Max Thieriot the perfect excuse to quit the show or take an extended leave. The season ended on a cliffhanger that left Bravo Team ambushed while on a mission in Mali and under heavy fire. On top of that, he also told Jason that he was leaving Bravo to focus on his family. After the final, star David Boreanaz was unsure of the team’s status, possibly indicating that some of Bravo won’t make it out alive.

With CBS Studios behind both SEAL Team and Cal Fire, it might be simple for Thieriot to do both shows at once depending on the schedule. The additional hours and training he may need to complete to Cal Fire could be exhausting, but it is possible that SEAL TeamParamount + show’s status could be a factor.

I love SEAL Team and I would like to be obsessed with a new procedure with Cal Fire, so fingers crossed that if the show is picked up, Clay Spenser isn’t going anywhere. But in the meantime, the five seasons of SEAL Team are streaming on Paramount+.

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