Toni Trucks – Sealing Team

Question of the day 01/19/2022Question of the day 01/19/2022

Courtyard air, 10 a.m. 01/19/2022Courtyard air, 10 a.m. 01/19/2022

Wiki Who? 01/19/2022Wiki Who? 01/19/2022

Have a nice day rewind 1/19/2022Have a nice day rewind 1/19/2022

Trivia Trivia 1/19/2022Trivia Trivia 1/19/2022

Carmazzi Caramel CornAshley went to Carmazzi Caramel Corn to see what they’re up to for National Popcorn Day!

Saluti CellarsMolly brings us more from Saluti Cellars in Somerset.

quarantine gameIt’s time to get into the competitive spirit for “Quarentine”, the drinking game.

Aim for the Goal Part 2More from Lodi, where the high school basketball team laces up their shoes in support of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Teen’s Tune, 8am 01/19/2022Teen’s Tune, 8am 01/19/2022

Dezy’s Beef, Bread and BeerLooking for a place to have lunch or dinner in Orangevale? We may have just found the place! Ashley gets a taste of Dezy’s beef, bread, and beer.

Go for the Goal CampaignGo for the Goal is a national organization that raises funds for pediatric cancer patients and their families, and students from a local high school participate. Rachel brings us a special story from Lodi.

Pamper Your Pet – Charlotte ReedSome of the biggest goals for many in the New Year are to get healthy, exercise more, and save more money. Some of these goals can also apply to your pets! Charlotte Reed tells us more.

Enjoy a ride in Somerset!Our tour around Somerset continues! This time, Molly visits a ranch that lets you ride a horse and then taste some wine.

Strange news! 01/19/2022Bologna mask, anyone?

Great 49ers fan! Part 2Last time we took a look at this super fan’s decorations, but this time we’re witnessing a pretty awesome man cave! Go Niners!

Great 49ers fan!49ers fans are still celebrating their big win, and we have one super fan already gearing up for this Saturday!

Valentine’s Day Cards for SeniorsGet ready to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for our seniors! Ashley has all the details from Fair Oaks.

I am Shauna RaeDon’t let her size fool you, because she’s got a huge personality! We speak with Shauna Rae and her mother, Patty.

Dad’s joke 01/19/2022Dad’s joke 01/19/2022

Toni Trucks – Sealing TeamThe Seal Team season five finale is set to drop this Sunday, so we chat with Toni Trucks about what we can expect.

Assemble your own cuvéeEnjoy a little wine tasting but with a little twist! Molly went to Somerset to find out more.

Record number of weapons found at airport security checkpointsA record number of firearms were found at TSA security checkpoints in 2021, even as air travel was down due to the pandemic. More than 6,000 firearms were found, the majority of them loaded.

A storage unit catches fire in the North HighlandsTwo units at the facility were impacted by the storage unit fire along Auburn Boulevard at Kohler Road. No injuries were reported in the fire.

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