The Simple But Meaningful Advice The SEAL Team’s David Boreanaz Would Give His Younger Self

As you get older, it’s hard not to look back and consider all the good, bad, and even ugly that has happened. This seems to be the case for SEAL Teamis David Boreanaz. Having worked in Hollywood for three decades, Boreanaz has starred in several hit shows. Of course, most viewers knew him as Buffy Summer’s vampire lover, Angel, in the iconic buffy the vampire slayer and its spin-off series. But since then, the actor has lived several lives. So when he recently took time out to reminisce, the star couldn’t help but give his younger self some simple but meaningful advice.

While Angel is his most popular role, viewers have watched the actor become a sarcastic detective on Bones and a troubled Navy SEAL on the hit CBS/Paramount+ drama. He seems to be grateful to viewers for (figuratively) allowing him into their homes over the past few decades. As one can imagine, he has a lot he would say to his younger self. However, when he gave his answer to AND onlinehe provided some brief and relatable sentiments:

Oh wow, I don’t know, that would be a really long answer. I would just say really, it’s balanced which is good because it made me the artist I am today. So I respect that, right? I am responsible and I like it. I mean, just stick with the good coffee. That’s it, man. Don’t go to tea, stick with the good coffee, stay at the good restaurant, then stop and be simple.

While the answer isn’t long, it’s hard to disagree with the beloved artist’s logic. And based on the longevity of his career, it would seem that holding himself accountable and just getting the job done has worked well for him. Additionally, the actor also said he would advise his younger self to pay attention to detail, which is rarely bad advice.

One would imagine that David Boreanaz has had his share of career ups and downs over the years. Now, after three decades of a successful career in Hollywood, it’s more than clear he’s learned from his experiences. It’s truly amazing what a little perspective can do for someone. And let’s be honest, in many cases, looking to the past can best help someone illuminate their future.

After the work he’s done, it’s safe to say fans are enjoying the SEAL Team the star’s career as much as he does, and they love his latest adventure. After the show’s renewal/cancellation drama that unfolded earlier this year, David Boreanaz showed his appreciation to CBS ahead of the show’s move to Paramount+. The streamer showed his enthusiasm by offering his services for free for a month. Hopefully this new outlet for the show is just one of the many other great things that will happen for Boreanaz over time.

Fans can watch new episodes of SEAL Teamwhich is now in its fifth season, every Sunday on Paramount+.

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