The best possible launch window

SEAL Team season 6 is coming to Paramount+ – that’s 100% clear. what a little less obvious is when it airs. Production is currently underway, but we’ve learned over the years that there isn’t always a direct correlation between the start of production and the actual premiere date.

Nevertheless, are we able to estimate at least a period of time? It’s at least possible when you consider the timeline David Boreanaz’s drama has operated on in the past. Provided production moves at roughly the same rate as in the past, there’s a case to be made for a September premiere – beyond that, you can easily imagine episodes airing for most of the year. year after. This would give the streaming service a big hit until the Yellowstone prequel 1932 comes out later in the year. We know this is something a lot of people are waiting for a bit more information on, and for a legitimately good reason.

We expect more formal Season 6 news to arrive sometime later this summer, but overall our feeling is that Paramount+ is going to keep all of its metaphorical cards close to the vest when it comes to details. We know season 5 delivered a pretty huge cliffhanger and after that we have a lot of questions as to who survived and what will happen from here.

Whatever happens, we just hope that SEAL Team retains the same focus it has had for some time: telling the stories of active duty service members not just in the field, but what their lives are like when they find their way back home.

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