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seal team (Netflix) is quickly making its way into the Netflix Top 10. There are laughs along the way and some lessons learned as we take a trip under the sea with Quinn the seal and her crew of fearless freaking friends. They’re tasked with taking on a handful of nasty toothy sharks and inspiring their seal community to stop anything lying around the rocks.


The essential: In seal teamJessie T. Usher (A-Train/Reggie Franklin of The boys) is Quinn, a seal who is prone to using his youthful recklessness in the endless search for food. He is aware of the sharks operating in the Seal Island area, where he lives with his colony, but unlike most of the community, he is unwilling to accept the dusty, crusty barnacles as a sustainable food source. Many seals have done this in an attempt at self-preservation – sharks are a menace, and better to stay alive than to become another unfortunate contributor to the food chain. But not Quinn, and especially not after a mean and scheming local shark named Grimes (Matthew Rhys) eats his TBFITEO (or “best friend in all the ocean”) Benji (Julian Smith).

If you are going to face the sharks, you have to be brave and you have to be crazy. But you’re also going to need a team and training. Quinn recruits a former megalomaniac seal named The Great Geraldo (Patrick Warburton) and his friend Beth (Kristen Schaal), and they introduce themselves to Claggart (JK Simmons), a disgraced member of the HMMF (Hydro-Marine-Military-Force) whose the own team was disbanded years before when an underwater mine defusing mission went horribly wrong. Claggart gets his new troops into shape during a training sequence straight out of your typical action movie, and also reconnects with his old HMMF pal, weapons and tech genius Switch (Sharlto Copely). Switch’s shark-fighting gadgets include pufferfish mines, crab guns, a barracuda bazooka, and electric eels fired from a super dip. There’s also the “octo-suit”, an active camouflage outfit constructed from bioluminescent baby octopuses. Because of course there are.

It’s almost time for the Great Sardine Race, the annual event the hungry seal community relies on to survive. And Grimes, impatient for the new Seal Team‘s attacks on his fellow sharks, targeted the glut of sardines as the opportunity he needed to eliminate the seals once and for all. Quinn, Claggart, and the team gear up for the showdown, ready to engage in a pinball-to-pink fight. Can their ingenuity, bravery, teamwork and knowledge of seals save the day? With a bit of luck! But they better be ready for Grimes’ secret weapon, which is a real shark with a fucking laser beam on its head.

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What movies will this remind you of? Penguin characters from Madagascar Particularly Skipper (Tom McGrath), gimmicky Kowalski, and explosives genius Rico come to mind here. seal team co-director Greig Cameron is also a writer on Supa Strikas (available in the US on Pluto and Peacock), the animated adventures of a pan-African football team.

Performance to watch: With his broad, moon-like face, quirky personality, and gaping, plankton-consuming maw, Dave the Basking Shark (played with a scene stealer by voice actor Matthew Mercer) is a formidable, formidably goofy presence that becomes something of a Trojan horse. ally for the Seal Team.

Memorable dialogue: “I will bring us food. All kinds of wreckage around here, right? And humans never go anywhere without snacks. It’s true that humans don’t go anywhere without snacks, but finding food in these waters isn’t as easy as Quinn claims. He and Benji knock over a can of rusty sardines, only to discover a chippy sand crab inside wielding a butterfly knife. “Wow! It’s a choppy part of the ocean.

Sex and skin: What? Get out of here.

Our opinion : There’s a good piece of inspired voice casting in seal team. JK Simmons, the hardest working man on land or sea, imbues Claggart with the salty taste of a marine sergeant mixed with the yellowish sight of an old war horse. Matthew Rhys, whose voice acting also honors The owl house on Disney Channel and BoJack Rider, brings a nasty fury to Grimes. And there are supporting choices from Dolph Lundgren as Dolph (get it?), a cigar-biting former HMMF member with showbiz aspirations, Kate Micucci as a talkative seabird named Diving Dee, and – wait – Seal as the seals’ resident artist, Seal Seal. When Quinn tells the group about her wacky plan to take on the sharks and save the colony, it’s during Seal’s nighttime performance. “Quinn will never survive…because he’s a little crazy…

seal team also revels in the kind of sight gags that go beyond cartoon kid fare. The contrazoom employed, close-up of Quinn, as he discovers that the sharks have caught Benji is straight out of director James Gunn’s bag of tricks on the guardians of the galaxy movies. And references to Jaws would be natural for any cartoon featuring sharks, but seal team manages to keep the two times it does it fresh and full of referential as well as lively vigor. The animation is also clean and inviting throughout. seal teamwith the sharks gliding coolly through the deep cartoon and the seals using their dexterity to outwit their biggest toothy foes, twisting through bustling sea greenery, hopping across the decks of wrecks and crawling stealthily through the algae hollow.

Our call: SPREAD IT. seal team has lots of laughs and a sense of good-natured camaraderie in its heart, even when these scheming, hungry sharks do their best to gobble up the unfortunate seals.

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