Site changes: the “SEAL” team switches to Paramount +, a new example of an old television strategy

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes on “SEAL Team”. (Sonja Flemming / CBS)

You have questions. I have a few answers.

Q: I love watching “SEAL Team” so I was disappointed that while they started the season on TV, they quickly left for Paramount +. I refuse to pay to watch (don’t take enough advantage of the show to pay) but I feel like I’m being held hostage. Do you think more shows are going in this direction?

A: Yes. We have already seen several series migrate from broadcasting or cable to streaming. CBS has moved both “SEAL Team” and “Evil” from broadcast to Paramount +, which is also home to the “Good Wife” spin-off “The Good Fight” and several successors to “Star Trek”. NBC had “AP Bio” for two seasons before switching to streamer Peacock. Some shows are saved by streaming services, like when Netflix ordered additional episodes of ABC’s “Designated Survivor” after the network abandoned it. The recently canceled “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” will return with a Christmas special on the Roku Channel on December 1st.

But this is all a case of old strategy / new places. The broadcasts have been passed from one network to another for decades; for example, “Father Knows Best” went from CBS to ABC, “My Three Sons” from ABC to CBS, “Diff’rent Strokes” from NBC to ABC. The same has happened with broadcast and cable, a recent case being the announcement that CBS’s “All Rise” will be making new episodes for OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s network. In short, if a show’s broadcaster no longer finds it useful, yet another entity could do it – delight fans, bring them into the new viewing house, and ensure the studio behind the show can earn more money. money. With streaming, there are a lot more places to go for shows.

Phil Keoghan is the host of “The Amazing Race”. (Sam Lothridge / CBS)

Q: I was wondering about “The Amazing Race”. Have they already shot a new season?

A: They have completed a new season after a long delay related to COVID. The shows will begin with a two-hour premiere on January 5.

Roslyn Sanchez and Kiara Barnes in the episode “Big Five Oh” of “Fantasy Island”. (Laura Magruder / FOX)

Q: What happened to the new “Fantastic Island?” I liked it rather, and the girl who helped Ms. Roarke left “The Bold and the Beautiful” to participate.

A: Fox has renewed the summer series for a second season. There will also be a two-hour holiday episode on December 21, and TV shows from the previous season can be found on Hulu and On Demand.

The network also notes that you can find the original streaming of “Fantasy Island” on Tubi, as well as the short-lived 1998 revival. The current version stars Roslyn Sanchez (“Devious Maids”) as Elena Roarke and Kiara Barnes (which you remember from “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Ruby Akuda, Roarke’s partner) . The original starred Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Roarke, and the 1998 version had Malcolm McDowell in that role.

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