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Magpul’s range of DAKA storage pouches and accessories have been popular with shooters since their introduction in 2016, and now the company is adding to the range with a new gun holster and storage boxes.

The DAKA Gun Holster ($39.95) is large enough to hold a gun loaded with accessories. Black and FDE colors are available.

Magpul describes the new DAKA Single Pistol Case ($39.95) as “rugged, water-resistant, and the perfect storage solution for your pistol and more.” The streamlined design of the DAKA Single Gun Holster makes it a candidate for use in larger hard-shell cases, while transporting vehicles, or for storage inside gun safes. An internal protective EVA foam liner protects its contents from damage. As the name suggests, the case is made of DAKA material, with a water-resistant YKK zipper, a 550 paracord zipper puller and a puller that doubles as a carabiner pass-through. Plus, RF welded construction creates permanent, impenetrable joints.

DAKA Can 2.0

The DAKA Can 2.0 ($19.95) is made from high strength injection molded polymer with an external reinforced rib design. Available in black, gray, FDE or ODG colors.

The DAKA Can 2.0 ($19.95) is the successor to Magpul’s original DAKA Can, an injection molded polymer storage solution designed to house and protect Magpul eyewear. Weather and dust resistant, the DAKA Can 2.0 retains the aesthetics and strength of the original, while updating the interior lining and increasing strength and size. New high-density, soft-surface foam lines the interior, and the top-loading lid is fitted with a heavy-duty steel hinge for a secure seal to protect equipment from dirt, dust and moisture. humidity.

Large DAKA can from Magpul

The DAKA Large Can ($24.95, pictured here) and DAKA Can 2.0 share the same positive friction protective cover closure with a durable steel hinge pin.

As for the new DAKA Large Can ($24.95), it also shares many features with the original DAKA Can, with the added benefit of a larger form factor. Similar to the DAKA Can 2.0, it features updated soft-surface high-density foam that completely lines the interior and steel-hinged top-loading lid that closes with a secure snap. The DAKA Large Box is an excellent crush resistant storage solution for larger personal items such as medical equipment, cigars, travel tools, loose ammo, personal hygiene items and more.

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