Seattle carries out street resurfacing projects after pandemic delay

With all eyes on the West Seattle Bridge and Alaskan Way projects, Seattle has quietly done all the little things needed to keep the city moving.

The Seattle Department of Transportation was slurry-sealing roads through town and repair thousands of potholes. It is not sexy work, but it is necessary work.

“Whether you take public transportation, walk, cycle, or ride our streets, we try to make them safe so you can get to wherever you need to go,” SDOT’s Miriam Ali mentioned. .

There is nothing more personal to a neighborhood than knowing whether its streets are in good condition or not. Regularly hitting that giant pothole really gets old.

Each year, the city chooses a few neighborhoods to repair, thanks to its slurry-seal program. Instead of tearing up the pavement and laying new asphalt, which is really expensive, the city uses slurry of concrete and crushed rock to fill in the holes and cracks.

“Roads that are not efficient need these kinds of bandages, which is what the mud seal is, to help our streets be better and safer,” Ali said.

The city repaired 200 blocks of the pavement this year.

“The pandemic actually limited our capacity in the summer of 2020, so we’re just catching up,” Ali said. “We completed resurfacing work in three neighborhoods this year, which is compared to our typical two areas per year. “

The city is currently compiling the list of neighborhoods to be reached in 2022.

Seattle’s Pothole Rangers also had a successful year. They have filled more than 14,000 potholes by November 2021, and 85% of them were filled within three business days of being reported.

It’s a good reminder that the city cannot fix the potholes it knows. You can report potholes at any time and request to add your neighborhood to the slurry-seal program. Seattle has an app, called “Find it, fix it”, Which you can use to report problems.

“If your streets aren’t up to par, let us know so we can come and fix them,” Ali said.

As for the big projects mentioned at the beginning of this story, a big move for the waterfront project should happen in a few days. Alaskan Way traffic will shift to the new boulevard on the east side of the street, and construction will shift to the west side.

Workers are also back on the West Seattle Bridge, starting their final repairs. Traffic is expected to resume on the bridge in the middle of next year.

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