SEAL Team’s David Boreanaz Reveals ‘Difficulty’ of Role Outside of Acting: ‘Very Difficult’ | Television & Radio | Showbiz and television

SEAL Team’s David Boreanaz does more than protect his country from an imminent threat on screen, he also leads the charge behind the camera on occasion. He opened up about the struggles he faced when switching between calling the shots and taking orders.

Bringing Navy SEAL Jason Hayes to life is no small feat for actor David Boreanaz.

Not only does he physically play the part, but he directs himself and others into the cast of the CBS crime show, to deliver biting storylines.

However, while the episodes come out polished and smooth, the actor sometimes admits the process can be anything but.

He said directing as well as acting can be “difficult”, especially when it comes to adventures as action-packed as those shown during the series.

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He thanked the “efficient and safe team” for helping him deliver on time and shared how the experience impacted him.

David shared, “It was a really great experience for me personally, so I can’t thank the cast and crew enough for all their hard work.

“It was very fun.”

SEAL Team follows an elite group of Navy SEALs as they maneuver balancing high-stakes missions with family life at home.

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