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SEAL Team fans have been following Trent Sawyer’s journey since the first season of the action-packed CBS series. The character has been at the center of some of the show’s most intense moments, never shy away from it. But who plays the iconic SEAL Team character?

Who plays Trent Sawyer in SEAL Team?

Trent Sawyer is a Navy SEAL and Bravo Team Special Warfare Operator 1st Class.

Throughout the series he is referred to as B4 or Bravo Four and is played by Tyler Gray on the show.

Gray is a consultant and Army Ranger in real life, alongside his acting career.

The star is a former 1st Operator of the Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and before that he was a qualified army ranger for snipers.

His career in the military ended when he was seriously injured during a mission in Iraq, leaving his arm with a visible disfigurement.

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The actor works closely with the SEAL Team cast, not only playing Trent Sawyer, but also serving as a producer and consultant on the show.

Speaking to, Gray explained why he chose to work so closely with the SEAL Team and what initially attracted him to the role.

The former military specialist explained, “I’ve been working on SEAL Team since the pilot. In the very beginning, it started with someone in the military with previous service who wanted to do something about special ops.

“The start was with a veteran and not the other way around. It’s very rare. The SEAL team also has four full-time advisors.

During the events of season three, Sawyer once again helped keep the team together and on their toes, which was shown in the final episode.

Bravo Team returned to the Middle East in Afghanistan for the start of a three-month mission.

The mission begins quietly, much to the chagrin of Sawyer and the rest of Bravo Team, however, that quickly changes.

They come face to face with a new group of fascists and Bravo Team attempts to track them down and arrest them.

On high alert, Sawyer notices an idle vehicle which he attempts to stop before he can run over the team.

He then takes down four gunmen before they can close in on Bravo’s position.

Sawyer holds them off, risking his life, while the rest of the team completes the mission and together they wait for reinforcements.

SEAL Team continues to grow in popularity, with CBS recently announcing the show’s fifth season due out later this year.

Trent Sawyer will be back with the rest of Bravo Team.

SEAL Team is available to watch on CBS.

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