SEAL Team season 6 premiere date: Revealed by series star?

Do we now know the SEAL Team season 6 premiere date at Paramount+? There are signs that this is the case.

In a new post on his instagram stories, actor AJ Buckley (Sonny) clarified that the military drama will premiere on Monday, September 12. It’s a somewhat atypical date for Paramount, which typically airs its shows on Thursdays or Sundays. However, it may be an intentional gesture to help SEAL Team come out. It avoids most NFL football competition, and it’s also a week before the official start of the fall TV season.

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We should note that Paramount+ has yet to confirm the date, and the biggest question we have now is: if SEAL Team 100% is coming out on September 12, why aren’t they promoting it yet? Recently, we were skeptical about the show airing in September, as most streamers announce premiere dates a few months in advance. That’s not a lot of time to promote new episodes, even if they have a full campaign.

Buckley also noted that the cast is filming their Season 6 finale. Remember the show is only ten episodes left because it’s off CBS, and that’s pretty standard across the board. for Paramount+ shows. It’s unclear if this is the final season, and we know there was at least talk of an afterthought movie. Since the move SEAL Team has apparently been one of the service’s most popular programs, and we hope that’s enough to justify its presence for quite a while. One of the benefits of having a shorter order is that it will give the actors time to work on other things, allowing them to fully explore what else is out there for them.

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