SEAL Team Season 6 Not Coming August 2022

We like it SEAL Team Season 6 is underway, but we would like to know exactly when it will be. All we know at the moment is that it won’t arrive in August 2022.

There is one thing we want right now. This is the first date of SEAL Team Season 6. We know it’s happening, but we just don’t know when.

Of course, we weren’t really expecting to see it on the Paramount+ release slate in August 2022. If the series were to return next month, there would definitely have been a promo released by now. This is not a series that the streamer will go silent on the fan base.

The show is still filming right now, though. It cannot broadcast and film at the same time. At least not as a Paramount+ series. All episodes will go through filming before returning to the air.

When will SEAL Team Season 6 premiere on Paramount+?

There’s still time for the series to return in 2022. We could see it return around November 2022 if things stay on track. However, we are potentially looking at early 2023 instead. This will avoid a problem with episodes airing during the Christmas/New Year season.

There are upcoming changes in the series, but we don’t know why this change is happening. Raffi Barsoumian joins the series according to Deadline. He will play Omar, a senior chef who has 15 years of experience. He is also the son of Syrian immigrants, which hints that the Syrian refugee crisis could arise. He will also have a deeper understanding of all that is currently happening in the Middle East.

Will he occupy an empty space in the team? We always keep an eye on Max Thieriot in the series. He’s in the new CBS series land of fire. While the two shows were supposed to plan things out so he could do double duty, we don’t know how long that is and if Clay Spencer will be sticking with Bravo Team for the entire season.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+.

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