SEAL Team Season 6 is not coming to Paramount+ in May 2022

We’re definitely ready to see how the Bravo team gets out of the mess they currently find themselves in. We will have to wait longer for SEAL Team Season 6.

One thing we know is that SEAL Team Season 6 is definitely underway. This was confirmed shortly after the Season 5 finale aired on Paramount+, making it clear that we would not be leaving Bravo Team in their current situation.

The bad news is that we won’t have the season in May. We’ve rechecked the releases on Paramount+ for the month, and it’s not a series there. Of course, we didn’t expect this, but there’s always a chance for a miracle, isn’t there?

When will SEAL Team Season 6 premiere on Paramount+?

We don’t expect the new season for a while. TVLine recently announced that filming is set to begin in late May. That’s great news because it means there’s a dim light at the end of this SEAL Team hiatus tunnel.

Filming is happening earlier than what we are used to for the series. It’s possible this is due to potential filming conflicts for Max Thieriot. We know he plays in the Cal Fire pilot. If this show is taken up in series, Thieriot will be necessary for filming this summer. SEAL Team wanted to keep Clay Spencer if the schedules could work, and this is the way to do it.

As the series is now a streaming show, we will likely see all episodes filmed before any premiere. With 10 episodes, that will certainly be possible and will still get a fall or winter premiere date. However, Parmaount+ may decide to save the episodes for New Years.

This is something we are watching closely. The shooting that will start soon is very exciting.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+.

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