SEAL Team Season 6 is not coming to Paramount+ in June 2022

We know that SEAL Team Season 6 is underway, but our eyes are still fixed on the premiere date. When is it coming to Paramount+?

We wouldn’t like to say anything more than SEAL Team Season 6 is heading to Paramount+ in June. However, we have looked at the list of arrivals this month and there is some bad news. The series is definitely not there. It’s not too surprising, but it leaves us with the big question of when the season will start.

There is some good news. Season 6 is definitely underway. Here’s what we know so far.

When is SEAL Team Season 6 coming to Paramount+?

At the moment, there is no premiere date. It’s not surprising. Filming has just started on the season at the end of May. Even with 10 episodes, it’s going to take a few months to get through all the episodes.

We don’t yet know if Clay will be with Bravo Team the whole time. We tried to match the schedules, but we know that Max Thieriot’s new series Cal Fire (now called land of fire) was taken up in series. Filming for this will take place in the summer, so we expect some scheduling conflicts here and there.

With filming for the sixth season underway, we expect the season to arrive in late fall or early winter. That could mean a push to January 2023 as the premiere date. And we’re expecting a “premiere” date, not a “release” date. Although it’s a streaming platform, Paramount+ sticks to weekly releases of its content because that’s the type of release that works best for TV.

SEAL Team Season 6 is coming soon. Watch the first five seasons on Parmamount+ now.

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