SEAL Team Season 6 is not coming to Paramount+ in April 2022

Our eyes are on when we can see Bravo Team in action again. SEAL Team Season 6 is underway, but it won’t arrive in April 2022.

The good news is that we know SEAL Team Season 6 is underway. The renewal came just days after the Season 5 finale aired on Paramount+. At least we know how Bravo Team will get out of the mess they’re in right now.

Now comes the bad news. The sixth season won’t air in April 2022. That doesn’t surprise us all that much, although it didn’t stop us from hoping for some kind of miracle.

SEAL Team Season 6 Release Date Predictions

We are keeping an eye out for any signs of SEAL Team Season 6 is coming to Paramount+. This means we have to pay attention to filming first, and it doesn’t look like it’s started. We don’t expect filming to start for a while.

One of the actors we can keep an eye on is Justin Melnick. He’s been sharing lots of photos of Pepper’s training, and right now it looks like she’s keeping her agility skills down to reprise her role as Bravo Team’s trusty pup.

We can’t predict a release date without knowing when filming will begin. It usually starts in the summer for a release date in the fall. Is that how things will work with the show now a Paramount+ exclusive? It’s certainly possible given the success of the series. Why remove it from the fall schedule?

When Season 6 arrives, we may find that Bravo Team is one less member. Max Thieriot landed the lead role in a CBS pilot. If the show is taken up as a series, this can pose a problem for the schedules.

SEAL Team Seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Paramount+.

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