SEAL Team season 6: Expect lots of secrets

We know that SEAL Team Season 6 is currently in production on Paramount+, and needless to say, we’d love to hear a ton of news about it! Take, for example, new characters, adventures, or whether or not everyone survives that massive cliffhanger.

Unfortunately, it’s this very cliffhanger that could leave us in a rather unusual state for the next few months, a state that forces us to remain in some kind of elaborate and difficult waiting pattern. The cast cannot reveal who survives or what happens to the team immediately after the explosion.

Is it a good thing that Season 5 ended the way it did? On some level, of course. These are often the kind of endings that get people talking about another season, and we know that in general, every network or streaming service needs these kinds of conversations! On the other hand, however, this kind of ending also makes things infinitely more difficult when it comes to promoting what’s to come. You can probably only show a tiny handful of footage until the premiere, and you have to be even more protective of some of your sets to make sure nothing comes out beforehand.

With all that in mind, secrets are absolutely going to be the name of the game for some time in the future, and likewise could be said for some of the members of Bravo. We know that for many different reasons, characters from Jason to Ray chose to keep things from the rest of the team – often issues that could leave them unable to function at their usual capacity. While everyone should be able to trust each other at this point, don’t be shocked if a few of these trends resurface once again.

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What kind of big stories (or secrets) do you expect to see when it comes to SEAL Team season 6?

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