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SEAL Team wrapped up its fifth season on Paramount+, and now viewers are wondering if they’ll see a sixth season. The series moved from CBS to the streaming service after four seasons, but four season five episodes aired on the network in the fall.

With David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley and Toni Trucks, SEAL Team follows the life of an exclusive Navy SEAL team.

Boreanaz said the following about the future of the series in an interview with TV Insider:

” I can not tell. What I could say is that we did a good job for Paramount+. You look at the numbers and the streaming then we’ve been trending as one of their number one shows for the last few weeks. So we do them good.

When asked how long he plans to stay with the show, Boreanaz replied:

“I don’t know. I think for me it’s really tied to the stories we tell and I’m even more excited about the move to Paramount+. I think of all the streaming networks this one is very positive and they’re very aggressive in the way they do their shows I still feel like this show is moving there and the potential to move on to another season and so on the show won’t be drastically different , but it will have a slower burn. It’ll be more like what happens in two weeks on a 10 episode order. It’s not just this huge season of – we don’t have to invest so much in some areas of the scenarios, but it can be like, hey, they’re up, and it’s their day and it’s 10 episodes in. It’s very similar to a kind of 24 aspect, but now you can really get into the shoes of the characters, see where these men and women are and see how they are affected cated from when they wake up until when they go to bed. I think it’s fascinating.

What do you think? Do you want a sixth season of SEAL Team on Paramount+? Would you watch the series if Boreanaz left?

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