SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Short Fuse

Bravo Team can do it all.

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13 revealed Jason opening up about his memory loss, the team communicating to complete their biggest mission yet, and a killer cliffhanger that threatened to change everything when of the season finale.

The series focused on the conflict between SEAL Team Season 5, and while it resulted in some intense storylines, it was great to see the team come together after Jason was admitted.

I thought there would be a fallout with Davis, Brock and Sonny not being impressed with Clay and Ray for not telling them sooner. In the end, all of those lives are at stake.

Clay sacrificing vital time with his son was enough to show that his motives for keeping him down weren’t nefarious. You know you’ve done something right when someone as whiny as Sonny tells you it’s a brave move.

Clay and Sonny probably won’t be friends anytime soon, and that’s no surprise. They are like oil and water. They don’t mix, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Sonny on a Mission - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

Sonny was visibly shocked that Clay didn’t report him for what happened in SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12. Clay may not approach situations well, but he has a lot of integrity.

It’s hard not to think about the future of Bravo Team, assuming they all survive the season finale. Jason’s days in the field are numbered.

Jason: You really didn’t do all that research on this TBI treatment for me, did you? Or was it just a bunch of bullshit?
Clay: It’s all real.

The mission in Venezuela appears to be the last hurrah for the team in its current form, and with the show about to enter its sixth season, there must be some changes behind the wheel to keep things fresh.

Jason understanding that Clay was only trying to help was satisfying. Turning on Jason gnawed at Clay because of the bond they’ve formed over the years.

Jason in the Office - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

Clay would have a hard time not having Jason in his life because Jason helped him through some of the toughest situations in his life. Despite the flaws in their relationship, it was nice to see that they could put it all aside.

Jason will likely be on an apology tour with Mandy and her daughter if he returns to American soil.

Mandy and Jason have a connection that shines, and it would be a shame to see it fade away. Mandy was upset with Jason earlier in SEAL Team Season 5, but he was trying to come to terms with the changes in his life.

He was at his breaking point and he pushed the people who loved him the most away. I hope Jason lives to apologize, but with one episode left this season, it’s hard not to worry about his future.

Ray listens to Jason - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

The show clearly wants to give an accurate portrayal of Breacher Syndrome, so don’t expect a last minute reveal that Jason is suffering from something that can be quickly fixed.

If SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12 taught us anything, it’s that Jason must face the past in order to secure a future.

Jason: I’m grateful, though, that you read all of this for me, though.
Clay: Well, if it keeps you up and running longer, we’d all appreciate it. You know I wasn’t trying to push you away, right?
Jason: Yeah, sorry I called you arrogant.
Clay: You call me arrogant for a lot of things.
Jason: It’s because you’re arrogant, man.

Having eight charges for nine pillars was a frustrating development. He felt thrown to increase the tension, and he felt forced.

The only good thing about this was that the team had Sonny on hand to reveal that the eight charges wouldn’t decimate the nine pillars.

Jason With a Gun - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

Could you imagine if he wasn’t there? The entire mission would be rendered a bust and expose the fact that US SEALs were in Venezuela.

It was a surprise that everyone got out of the building alive. If someone died, at least they came out in a burst of glory.

Did anyone else expect anything to happen to Davis? There were so many times it looked like she was going to be hurt or kidnapped.

We expected to pull the fortified gate of the building with the truck. Either that or I expected her to back the van up against one of the walls.

Clay in Trouble - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

There had to be a big cliffhanger to really convey that we’re at the end of the season, and the arrival of the police as they made their big escape was a shock.

The purpose of the mission was to keep the United States undetected as it disarmed Venezuelan nuclear reactors.

Jason: Making tough choices like you did is, uh…it’s a team leader thing there.
Clay: Do you think so?
Jason: Too bad you lost your, uh… your chance to get my spot right now. Since you have put me back on the path to healing my brain, I will be operating on Bravo for the next 20 years.

My best guess is that one team member will get caught up in the name of saving everyone else.

Who it could be, I don’t know, but one thing is certain:

Jason is Happy - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 14 will be one of the books, propelling the story forward and setting the wheels in motion for a very different Season 6.

“Short Fuse” was a decent episode, but I expected more as the penultimate episode of the season.

Sonny: Well, Clay and Jace are best friends again, which means Blondedict Arnold probably went to talk to mom and dad.
Ray: Talk about what? He didn’t say a word about anything, so, I mean, is there anything I should know?
Sonny: Nah. No, just some team guy bullshit.
Ray: Well, the fact that you’re not making Clay a new one tells me you’re at fault. So what is it, brother? wWhat happened?
Sonny: Sonny Quinn has arrived.

What did you think of the team that got caught?

Were you surprised by the reaction to Jason’s predicament?

Clay Wants Answers - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12

Do you think everyone will survive the final?

Hit the comments.

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