SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Head on

Jason is on a dark path and it’s going to be hard to help him see the light.

Team SEAL Season 5 Episode 10 was another standout installment in that original Paramount + series, proving once again that the series is more comfortable than ever.

If you watch SEAL Team online, you know there was a slow build-up of the argument between Jason and Clay that ended the episode, but that didn’t make it more heartbreaking.

These two men have that mutual respect, but Clay does what he thinks is best for the team, while Jason continually ignores red flags for help.

Clay accompanying the team on a mission was huge because you have to consider what he leaves at home.

Getting in the sights and being away from his sick baby for potentially months is tough, but he knew he had to make that decision to make sure Jason didn’t compromise the team.

Ray Listens - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

Jason continued down this slippery slope throughout “Head On” ignoring the signs and pushing people away.

Clay doesn’t want him to look like he’s turning on his friend and mentor, but he really does need to point Jason to Eric or someone else in command. Even though he writes a note to hide his identity, Jason shouldn’t be in the field while he’s in this state.

Denial is a tricky thing, but we’re talking about an entire team that could be put at risk by their actions, and if it turns out that Clay had concerns and didn’t report it, he stands to lose more than Jason.

Jason felt like it was a hit, and frankly, I’m not surprised. He refuses to listen to anyone to give this message that he is in control and that his word is golden.

Clay Upset - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

Pushing Clay was violent, and it troubled Clay more than ever. He’s damned if he doesn’t report Jason and damned if he does.

Whichever way you look at him, Jason will be hurt, but again, the whole team could be hurt by Jason’s negligence.

Hopefully Jason will let the command know what’s going on as he really needs the time off to take some more tests.

He pushed away his daughter, Mandy and now his closest ally. Where will it end? What will be the tipping point for him to realize he needs help?

Davis in Colombia - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

I’m glad Stella and the baby are doing well. I didn’t expect another time jump. Seriously, does this show ever stop for a moment these days?

There are constant jumps in time, and when you consider the nature of the work of our main characters, it’s not that surprising.

Jason: Hey, all that unranked bullshit. It stops now. You questioned my orders earlier and just chased after me, right now, in front of my team? Looking for some kind of measurement contest, guess what, mate? You’re going to lose.
Clay: It’s not what I do.
Jason: So what exactly are you doing?
Clay: I keep this team safe.
Jason: It’s my job. I don’t need your help, six. You know it’s one thing for an operator to get off the wire and miss the birth of their child, but to come off the wire when your kid is in the NICU, your son is fighting for his life, and all that. it matters to you it’s your ego.
Clay: Look, I’m here to protect Bravo from you, okay? Your head is not well and it has not been for months.
Jason: Interesting, huh, is this your fucking room? Stick me with a TBI and you have a clear path to Bravo 1?
Clay: Being compromised is dangerous.
Jason: You wanna know what’s fucking dangerous, eh? You’re threatening your team leader, so you better think long and hard about what you will say and do next, because next time it won’t be a fucking warning.

It would be nice not to travel through time a bit to appreciate what is happening with these characters.

Stella knew she couldn’t tell Clay what to choose in terms of the mission because if his team members were hurt because of Jason, he wouldn’t forgive himself.

Jason Moves On - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

Stella and Clay are possibly one of the healthiest couples on television. It’s rare that relationships aren’t filled with drama, but they really are couple goals.

Ray and Naima’s relationship is the same, and it was a defining moment for Ray to learn that he was no longer under investigation.

Couldn’t command have told him sooner that no one on his team had fired him? He spent months looking over his shoulder, theorizing about who had turned on him, and it was emotionally trying.

The processes are in place for a reason, but the way it has been handled has rubbed me the wrong way.

Confronting His Boss - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

Sonny and Hannah’s relationship breakdown came as no surprise. They were pretty much playing pretend in the name of raising their daughter in a house with two parents.

It was a nice feeling for sure, but there was a lack of chemistry between them. They tried to make it work, but it really wasn’t worth giving up your life in Texas for Hannah.

Sonny wasn’t even telling her everything either, making it seem like there was no purpose in the relationship other than for their daughter.

Sonny is in love with Davis and always will be. There’s no question about it, but Davis isn’t interested in spending time with him on a romantic level.

Jason is upset - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

The backlash for Davis was inevitable, but at least Eric fought his corner to maintain his position on the team.

You would think that by 2021, the people she wrote the report about would be more interested in listening instead of glaring at her when she walks down the hall.

Davis has thick skin, but she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected at work. She is excellent at her job and has saved the team on several occasions.

I hope she succeeds in making people understand that she wants there to be a change.

Clay Confronts Jason - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 10

Does anyone else feel like the show is ending? So much happens episodically and the characters reach pivotal moments in their lives.

They sure wouldn’t move the show to Paramount + just to end it, but stranger things happened.

What did you think of this Jason and Clay scene?

What do you think Clay’s next move will be?

Are you surprised by Sonny and Hannah?

Tap the comments below.

The SEAL team returns in 2022 for the last four episodes of the season.

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