“SEAL Team” Recap: Season 5, Episode 11 – Clay vs. Jason

This Sunday at SEAL teamIn the midseason premiere of, Clay hired a co-worker to help him be Bravo 1’s “swim buddy”, Sonny found various ways to deal with his anger. problems, and Stella finally shared a secret from her home.

Still crouching in Venezuela for their Omega mission out of the book, Bravo – after requisitioning nuclear scientist Dr Guillen’s vehicle to steer him into a fiery accident – proceeded to gather information on the two Iranian defense experts. who they said were in town. Ray returned with Brock from a three-day surveillance of the Hotel of Targets to find their stinky and tense hiding place between Jason, Clay, and Sonny. Ray asks Jason if a problem arose due to the debate with Clay over whether to capture or kill Guillen, but all Jason cares about is whether the surveillance has revealed any actionable information.

Ray then feels Clay, who ultimately confides that Jason forgot things, inside and outside the wire – and, in fact, he was responsible for the (cough) “RPG” which almost killed Bravo a few episodes back. Ray can’t believe what he hears and advises Clay to stay the course on his theories that could end his career. For now.

Watching one Iranian go out for a daily errand while the other has a quick drink at the hotel bar, Bravo sets out to sneak into their rooms and clone their laptop hard drives – with Davis very skillfully extending the Iranian’s visit to the bar. Clay takes a little longer than Ray to find his target’s laptop, so he ends up defying Jason’s order to cut the bait and instead get what he came for, which only amplifies the tension between the two once they get back to their base. Ray tries to get Jason to see the hotel hold-up as a victory, but Bravo 1 instead informs his team’s warrant officer that it’s his problem now, “Keep Clay away from me.” “

Downloads from Iranians’ laptops reveal that three members of the collective (biker muscle for local government) recently showed signs of radiation sickness, before he died. To confirm that radioactive material is in fact already in play, Bravo is tasked with collecting at least one of the corpses for analysis. Before leaving, Ray meets with Clay to tell him that he has seen evidence aligning with Clay’s claims (he watched Jason test his memory), and they agree to do their best in secret to act as Bravo 1’s “swim buddy” and protect him and each other’s team interests.

Bravo aims to rob a grave, but instead finds the dead bikers about to be lobbed off a stake. Bravo silently leaves two tangos which mount the watch, then goes to seek one of the bodies. Jason then suddenly separates from Sonny to download the GPS of two trucks they passed on the way, even though Ray had advised them to ignore it until they left. In the process, Jason has to shoot, no– silently, two tangos approaching, which causes about thirty men to descend on the area. Davis and his drone are able to find Bravo a quick way out, although that requires climbing a wall – as such, Sonny takes a bit of time. too much much joy in chopping the lower leg of their chosen bulky corpse, to use it for analysis. There is a bit of a shootout as Bravo rushes to their exfiled vehicles, but they manage to escape.

Back at their base, Clay – scared off by Sonny’s latest outburst of anger – pushes his ex BFF to cheer himself up with a recording of baby Leanne, but Sonny firmly pushes the idea off. (Worse, Sonny, when next confronted by Davis, tries to blame his rotten family life on her feet, claiming that she had made Hannah believe there was still something between them. But man, Lisa is not having this absurdity.)

Clay sneaks in for a video chat with Stella, even though it’s in the middle of the night at home, saying that with everything going on with Bravo, he can’t worry about her hiding anything from him. it is on the status of their son at the NICU. Stella admits that she at hid information – that she got hold of their son the other day, and the little asshole is “so strong, just like his daddy”! Mom and Dad, along with us, burst into tears.

Meanwhile, Jason calls Ray for assigning the drone to watch him when he left off mission during the corpse flight. When Ray claims he was only watching the impulsive team leader six, Jason wonders aloud why his double-clicking on their communications wasn’t enough as a status report this time around. Further fueling Jason’s paranoia, at the end of the episode we see him watching, seemingly out of earshot, as Clay and Ray huddle to compare their notes on Bravo 1’s latest actions …

What did you think of the midseason premiere, and are you worried about how this “Bravo 1 vs the world” tension could soon spill over and explode?

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