‘SEAL Team’ Movie Coming to Paramount+, ‘NCIS: Sydney’ Gearing Up for Australia | Entertainment

If you don’t have enough two SCS and Paramount+ dramas, you’re in luck: more is to come.

A new SEAL Team the standalone film is produced for Paramount+ in the US and comes from the series star’s creative team David Boreanaz, Christopher Chulack and Spencer Hudnut. The military drama moved to the streaming service four episodes into its fifth season and is back for a sixth.

Additionally, a new NCIS is produced for Paramount+ Australia and Network 10. NCIS: Sydneyslated for 2023, will feature local stories with Australian actors and producers and will be filmed in one of the most scenic port cities in the world. NCIS: Los Angeles designer and Aussie Shane Brennan is attached.

“These two projects represent two new ways to expand our studio’s footprint while supporting the company’s mission to drive streaming,” said George Cheeks, president and CEO of CBS and chief content officer for news and sports at Paramount+. “We have the producer roster, production infrastructure and deep library to be creative and nimble with franchises and other IPs for domestic and international audiences.”

When TV Insider spoke with Boreanaz about the Season 5 finale, he noted the production value of SEAL Team. “If you take all of our shows and watch those shows, I would compare them to any movie,” he said. “We have special effects, but the way we do it live and in practice is right, you can’t measure it by the shows – again, we’re a military show, but I really object to that not any movie. If you put this stuff on the IMAX, you’d be blown away. We should make an IMAX movie. It would be so wild.

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