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After losing his best friend to a ruthless shark, fearless seal Quinn assembles an eccentric team to fight back, enlisting seasoned warrior Claggart and his military spirit to train new friends Beth, Geraldo, Switch and Jing.

Quinn and her team soon use clever tricks and new flips to defend their share of the sea against their ever-hungry opponents and finally prove that seals are more than shark food!


seal team, which launched on New Year’s Eve, is the story of Quinn, a seal who spends his days relaxing in the sun, splashing around in the beautiful waters off Cape Town and swimming for his life among the great white sharks. When he decides it’s time for the food chain to fight back, Quinn recruits a ragtag team of like-minded seals brave, stupid and crazy enough to try to teach these sharks a lesson.

  • decision maker says, “Seal Team has a lot of laughs and a sense of good-natured camaraderie at its core,” not to mention the “inspired voice cast” and “the kind of sight gags that go beyond cartoon kid fare.” animated”.
  • common sense media recommended seal team for kids six and up, saying, “Although it doesn’t have the big studios behind it, this film does stand out in the animation and voice acting categories…You can’t help but to search for seals.”
  • Parent insights said: “seal team is a Netflix animated production that does what it’s supposed to do: entertain kids while delivering positive messages.”
  • Cinema Express says, “This animated feature from Greig Cameron and Kane Croudace hits all the right notes for an hour and a half of endearing fun.”

The all-star cast is far from wet behind the ears. Jessie T. Usher (A-Train in The Boys) stars as Quinn, opposite Oscar winner JK Simmons (Omni-Man in Invincible), Emmy winner Matthew Rhys (Philip in Americans), Emmy nominee Kristen Schaal (Mabel in Gravity Falls, The guide to what we do in the shadows) and four-time Annie Award nominee Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson in family guy), as well as South African stars Sharlto Copley (Wikus van der Merwe in District 9) and John Kani (Rafiki in The Lion King).

Grammy Award-winning Seal plays a singing seal called Seal Seal and action legend Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) portrays a dolphin called Dolph – two casts that tell you everything you need to know about both the film’s humor and how it all came together for the production.

seal team is the feature debut of South African screenwriter and director Greig Cameron, based on a story by Wayne Thornley (Zambezi Adventures) and Brian and Jason Cleveland.

“Believe it or not, our Underwater Military Animal Team is based on a real unit that trains seals and dolphins to disarm mines,” says Greig. “Granted, the real version probably isn’t armed with explosive sardines and octo-suits made of color-changing octopuses…”

Greig delved into the ridiculousness of the seals vs. sharks premise. “Cape fur seals forming a military SEAL team to fight sharks is something so stupid and ridiculous it makes me smile,” Greig says. “It makes everyone smile.”

But co-director Kane Croudace says for all his silliness, behind the crazy gags and quick punchlines, seal team is also an inspiring underdog story that everyone at Triggerfish refers to.

“This is a hero brave enough, dumb, and crazy enough to want to do the dangerously impossible,” Kane says.

“It’s a theme that resonates throughout my professional career. From the start of my time at Triggerfish, we wanted to make a feature film deep in Africa with a totally inexperienced crew, which everyone said was impossible. We went and did it Anyway If someone working in a “real” studio had seen our workflows on Adventures In Zambezia they would have given us 150 to 1 odds that we don’t We never finished it. But protected by our stupidity and our bravado, we managed to do it and we got better with each subsequent project. So I think Quinn’s attitude towards the task ahead is reflected in our tenacity to make these films.


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