Seal Team 6 book to become a movie – The Hollywood Reporter

The Erwin Brothers’ Kingdom Story Company banner has acquired the rights to Eric Blehm’s book Without fear, with Jason Hall to write the film’s script and Andrew Erwin to direct.

The film will adapt Blehm’s 2012 book about commando Seal Team 6 Adam Brown, a Navy soldier who overcame hardships including drug addiction and prison to become a member of the elite Navy Seal Team, better known for killing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Hall earned an Academy Award nomination for writing American sniper and recently wrote Gran Turismo for Sony Pictures. Kevin Downes will join Andrew Erwin to produce the feature film on the front lines of the Navy Seals battle in Afghanistan, starring Mark Ciardi and Jon Erwin.

Kingdom Story Company – the banner founded by brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin and the team behind religious box office hits like I can only imagine and I still believe – has a distribution agreement with Lionsgate.

“We are extremely honored to bring this story to life, and I can’t think of a better person to write it than Jason Hall. We are all honored by the trust the Brown family has placed in us to tell this story,” said said Andrew Erwin in a statement.

Andrew Erwin and his brother Jon previously directed American Underdog I Still Believee and I can only imagineamong others. Without fear is published by Penguin Random House.

“This movie is right in Andy’s wheelhouse. Without fear will not just take you behind enemy lines with Seal Team 6, but into the heart and soul of one man and how he found the strength to step up,” Downes added in his own statement.

Brown, who turned to the Navy Seals to turn his life around, died in action in March 2010 while serving in Afghanistan to kill or capture a key Taliban leader.

“We are so lucky that such an amazing team can tell Adam’s story – as told in Without fear – on the big screen. His legacy is in good hands,” Kelley Brown, who was married to Adam Brown, said in a statement.

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