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MADISON – As the reigning 2022 Miss Madison Teen USA, Rosalee Mahdi will represent Madison in the upcoming Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant and promote her belief in studying languages ​​for children.

The Gouge Performing Arts Center at Auburn University will serve as a place of historical reconstruction. After the preliminaries on January 14 at 7:30 p.m., the finals on January 15 will determine the winner.

“I’ve always admired girls who have entered contests, especially the Miss Universe system, and played with competition for a long time,” Rosalee said. “Last year, I decided to start my very first competition” in January 2021.

“I loved meeting all the girls and seeing how sweet everyone is. I didn’t make the top 16, but I was addicted to the culture, ”said Rosalee.

Rosalee has made long-standing friendships with some very accomplished women in her age group. Networking is one of his favorite aspects of competing.

To help Rosalee reach the Top 16, vote for her at

Rosalee will compete with 46 young women. The winner will compete for Miss Teen USA.

The Miss Alabama Teen USA contest has three sections for judging: Interview; Sports clothing / Swimwear; and evening dress. The top five will face questions on stage.

For the interviews, Rosalee anticipates questions about her personality, her platform and the reasons for aspiring to the title. Her platform, TALK or Teaching Accelerated Languages ​​to Kids, follows Rosalee’s passion for foreign languages.

She did not have the opportunity to study languages ​​properly until her first year, but she wants young people to learn early. “I think children should have access to foreign languages ​​from elementary school onwards, and my platform revolves around promoting this change,” Rosalee said.

In this effort, she reads foreign language books to students at Horizon Elementary School and volunteered for the Liberty Middle School language camp. “The kids loved hearing about foreign languages ​​and asked me about the languages ​​I studied,” Rosalee said. “I met with Rep. Terri Collins from Decatur about (her) biliteracy seal bill.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were eager to help a woman with a plan and a passion,” Rosalee said. At first, his journey to increasing language study “seemed daunting and impossible,” but many people listened to him and helped him.

If Rosalee wins Miss Alabama Teen USA, she will tour Alabama and promote TALK, especially to the state legislature. The winner will also attend scheduled appearances to represent Alabama and meet “queen sisters from other states.”

An elder at James Clemens High School, Rosalee is undecided about college, but the University of Alabama at Huntsville has offered a full tuition fee. For two years she has already studied Russian at the UAH. She will specialize in international relations or political science.

Rosalee sits on the Student Advisory Committee with Madison City Schools. She works part time at Lucky Finds.

Her parents are Alexander and Susan Mahdi.

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