Max Thieriot To Star In CBS Pilot ‘Cal Fire,’ But ‘SEAL Team’ Has No Clay To Lose

In the best case: we could have the double of Max Thieriot on our television screens.

The SEAL Team star is set to star in the CBS pilot, Cal Firethat he is an executive producer, Deadline reports. Bode Donovan is a convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence, so he joins a firefighting program in his small Northern California hometown. According to the character description, he “had so much promise and then life knocked him down. He has the soul of an artist, the track record of a criminal, and the audacity to believe in a second chance with Cal Fire Bode is driven by misplaced guilt, but he can’t wallow in his past because the gift hit him right in the face.

So what does this mean for Thieriot’s future on SEAL Team? According DeadlineAlthough Thieriot isn’t signed on for the upcoming sixth season yet, that doesn’t mean he won’t and the plan seems to be that if Cal Fire is ordered to series – remember, it’s only in the pilot phase now – it will do both shows.

And the now Paramount+ drama already has built-in ways to make it happen. After all, the sixth season pickup is for 10 episodes (it’s now a streaming show) and Thieriot’s character was at a crossroads before Bravo was attacked. In the Season 5 finale, after spending too little time at home with his newborn son before another operation knocks him out of the country, Clay tells Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) that he planned for this to be his last mission. His plan was to save up for the green team afterwards so he could be there for his family in the near future. Jason expressed his support and promised that he and Bravo would be there whenever he wanted to come back. So if he survives this explosive cliffhanger without any serious injuries, it’s possible Clay will go through with that plan and return to Bravo as Thieriot is available.

But it’s also possible that he won’t leave with minor injuries. After all, Bravo was in the middle of an ambush, under heavy fire (and RPG!) and a too-distant save the last time we saw (and heard) them. As Boreanaz pointed out to TV Insider, “It’s war and everyone, myself included, is open to an X on the back and in whatever line of work they’re in, they could be killed or injured, so that opens the [door to] who can survive, who may not survive, who will be hurt. Is this injury going to have any significant value? Will it be for a significant time? What impact does this have on the team? What does it do at Bravo? Clay could easily be kicked out of Bravo (for now), and SEAL Team could check in with him in physical therapy while he recovers, as it works with Thieriot’s schedule.

But, of course, this is all speculation and depends on whether CBS orders Cal Fire to the series and if Thieriot signs to return to SEAL Team. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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