Lia Coryell wins Team USA’s first Para Women’s W1 World Championship title

February 26, 2022

DUBAI – Lia Coryell, the first and only W1 female archer from the United States, has fought through hell and returned countless times to leave her legacy on this planet. Overcoming childhood trauma, his MS diagnosis, numerous health battles in the global pandemic, and while giving it his all to turn on the world stage at two Paralympic Games, Coryell isn’t talking about winning, just showing up, shoot his shot and leave his mark. She’s a rebel with a cause.

After finishing fourth at Tokyo 2020 last summer, her biggest international achievement to date, Coryell once again showed the world that she wasn’t done, and today she took the front of the stage at the 2022 Para World Archery Championships to aim for gold. In her fourth appearance at the Paralympic World Championships, she finally won the long-awaited title.

Coryell Skilled 6and earlier this week in a stacked talent field. In the quarterfinals, against Anna Ilina of the Russian Archery Federation, the two went back and forth with each end in a tight match. both posted 128, for the highest scores in the field. The tiebreaker barrage narrowed to a measure thick and Coryell was determined the winner over the No. 3 seed.

In the semis, Coryell met Korea’s Kim Ok Geum, against whom she has a solid winning record, including the Paralympic quarterfinals just a few months ago. It was another blowout in favor of Coryell, 125-113. At the same time, top seed Elena Krutova of the Russian Archery Federation fell to 5and seeded Nil Misir, guaranteeing an exciting match for gold with two well-matched archers.

Coreyll and Misir went back and forth in a biting finale. Coryell took an early lead 28-26, Misir fought back for a 52-51 lead, then with a perfect X to close out the third set, Coryell bounced back 77-76. Then Coryell increased the pressure, capitalizing on a few errant shots from his opponent, making it 102-98, then closing with two solid 10s in his last two arrows to seal the 130-124 victory. Coryell, so focused on her shot, didn’t realize she had won; she was convinced she had another volley to shoot as those around her began to celebrate her victory.

“It was epic,” Coryell commented. “I thought I had more arrows to shoot and I told myself that we should not celebrate yet. This is for all the kids who were picked last at kickball or made fun of in the lunch line. I didn’t even become an athlete until I was 50, and now I’m a world champion! It’s never too late to rebel with intention.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Coryell beamed on the top step of the podium as the national anthem played. Coryell is a U.S. Army veteran who belatedly started her archery career in 2015 at the age of 50. Coryell has progressive multiple sclerosis, but she’s never let that define her. She defends the phrase: “You are not your diagnosis.”

Earlier in the day, visually impaired archer Janice Walth finished 8and in a quarter-final loss to Italy’s Daniele Piran.

After Matt Stutzman won the gold medal in yesterday’s compound men’s open final and Coryell’s big win today, the excitement level for Team USA is high at the approaching tomorrow’s recurve open finals. Medal matches will be broadcast live via World Archery TV, and live results are available on the World Archery website.

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