Increase a fan base on social networks

For SMBs looking to grow their social media fan base, Jovago offers six proven cost-effective ways to do so.

1. Share useful and valuable content – Many startups make the big mistake of confusing the art of making their social media pages engaging and fun with posting “junk” or otherwise useless content. Not everything is worth posting. Social media followers are such that they expect companies, especially startups, to post more promotional content. Surprise them. It has been observed that an 80/20 rule works for most startups to quickly grow subscribers and build brand awareness. Posting around 80% useful non-promotional content and 20% promotional content will greatly improve how the official page is observed in the eyes of followers. Posting a variety of content also makes the page not boring, but very interesting. Sharing visual content is also the most effective way to grab fans’ attention on social media. What they see is what interests them. People are interested in seeing other people, so sharing posts in a picture will get more views than written posts.

2. Gifts

”Respond to win”, ”Predict and win”, ”Like and share to win” are some of the many things that get social media fans to like and follow official Facebook pages. When they have no idea what your splash page is, the best way to get their attention is to give something away for free. A quiz or a predict-and-win contest is usually a good choice. This gets people interested in the brand and gets them to like and follow the social media page. Sometimes it is very effective to give away free stuff or discounts to increase subscribers. The more free stuff people can get from being on your pages, the more interested they are in staying on the page and sharing the page.

3. Promote social media presence everywhere – Many startups are satisfied with the few thousand fans they acquire in a short time. Do not stop! Be sure to promote pages everywhere. Cross-promotion helps a lot. For example, you can promote your Facebook page on Twitter and your Twitter page on Instagram and vice versa. Also at events, in email signatures and other branding accessories, you can promote the various pages. Let people know that these pages exist. They have a way to reach you through this.

4. Collaborate with other big brands/personalities – The world of social media does not exist in isolation. All big accounts with millions of followers and likes started with a few tens and hundreds. In order to get a solid foundation, you need to collaborate with some of the biggest companies with a huge social media fan base through events or projects. By doing this, their fans automatically become your fans. Anyone who trusts their pages also trusts your page. Use influencers, celebrities and people with big accounts to increase your brand popularity.

5. Interact – social media is about interaction – Always be able to respond to fan comments, messages and posts. Whatever their concern, you should be there to help them find solutions. Also, be sure to find and interact with people or brands that have similarities to your franchise. Discuss, comment and make them feel like you’re not too far off.

6. Hire a dedicated social media manager – It may not be so economical after all, but the benefits are simply overwhelming. Hiring a dedicated social media manager means you have someone in charge. In the past, social media was not so recognized, so it was not necessary to dedicate a person to manage these pages. However, in the modern business world, it has become a very useful marketing tool. With workload and expectations at very high levels, finding someone whose only job is to ensure the growth and sustainability of your pages seems like a good deal. Social media trends change regularly, so instead of having someone run it as a part-time side project, dedicate a staff member to it. It is rewarding.

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