KENT, Wash., February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Custom Cones United States launched a new type of hemp wrapper made with innovative technology, which finally solves the problem of drying out and cracking of hemp wrapper during rolling and commercial pre-rolling manufacturing.

Traditional blunt casings and hemp casings are very sensitive to moisture causing them to dry out easily resulting in a casing that is brittle and easily crumbles during manufacture. Custom cones the United States The innovative hemp wrap, called Hybrid Hemp Wrap, is made using ground-braking technology coupled with traditional papermaking methods, allowing for a hemp wrap that is not susceptible to moisture and does not dry out easily. The name Hybrid Hemp Wrap is inspired by the fusion of new technologies and centuries-old papermaking techniques.

Since these hybrid hemp wraps are less prone to drying out, crumbling and cracking, they are easier to use in an industrial manufacturing environment and allow pre-roll processors to create large-scale blunts without having to discard so many pre-rolls. Plus, they’re easier to seal and have a longer shelf life than regular hemp wraps.

“These hybrid hemp wraps give pre-rollers the ability to scale without worrying about their hemp dull cones drying out and cracking,” says Custom Cones. United States Co-founder Bard Harrison. “Additionally, these hybrid hemp casings are actually resistant to automated pre-rolling technology, whereas traditional hemp casings are too fragile to go through an automated pre-rolling process.”

Hybrid hemp wraps are available in brown and green colors as well as industry standard cone sizes of 109mm 1 gram blunt cones, 98mm ¾ gram blunt cones and 84mm cones of ½ gram. In addition to common sizes of pre-rolled cones, custom cones United States also offers pre-rolled blunt tubes, which are available with the choice of a wooden tip or a cornhusk strainer. For companies that prefer to roll their own blunts, hybrid hemp husks are also sold in reel form, which is the uncut roll of hemp husk.

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