Big wins for the women of the USA, Canada and Argentina in the PAN Cup

SANTIAGO, CHILE): No less than 36 goals were scored in three women’s games played on the opening day of the Pan American Cup here today. Canada shut out Peru 14-0, USA rained down 16 goals against Peru unanswered and Argentina edged Uruguay 6-0.

Three women’s teams and two men’s teams to earn World Cup places in India (men) and Netherlands/Spain (women).

The opening match was contested between women from Canada and Peru, where the Canadian representatives won a landslide 14-0 victory over the team led by Patricio Martínez.

The opener was made during the second quarter of the game by player number 23, Brienne Stairs, who also scored four other goals during the game, at minutes 28′, 35, 43′ and 59′ . And finish 14-0 for his team’s first game.

On the field, a total of three goals were scored by Canada by Jordyn Faiczak and Elise Wong.

After a foul in the box, in the 25th, it was player Alison Lee who scored another goal for Canada thanks to a penalty corner.

Meanwhile, the other five goals were drawn by Canada in the Peruvian zone, scored by: Madison Thompson, Elise Wong, Sara McManus, Amanda Woodcroft and Madeline Secco.

Women: USA v Trinidad & Tobago: 16-0

With several players playing for the TTO team in the Junior Championships at the same venue, the Prince Of Wales Country Club started their Cup appearance against the United States, a permanent defense match, ending with a score of 16-0 in favor of the Americans.

The American scoreboard was quick to score, early in the match, Elizabeth Yeager scored the first goal and Symaria scored two more at 40′ and 46′ minutes. Later, in the 3′, when through a field game, Erin Matson with the number 1 jersey, will score the first goal – out of three during the match – and followed by her in 4′, the player Ashely Sessa will score again a goal in the 24′. The first five minutes of the game for USA reflect what would be an absolutely favorable game on the scoreboard.

Also present at the Pan American Championships, player Hope Rose, wearing jersey 26, scored three more goals for the United States in 8′, 30′ and 26′. And to continue the celebrations, Sofía Southam added a goal for Team USA.

In the last quarter and to seal the 16-0 victory, it was Lauren Moyer (59′), Danielle Grega (55′), Elizabeth Yeager (46′), Alia Marshall (54′) and Hope Rose (57′). ), who scored goals per penalty corner, penalty stroke and field game against Trinidad and Tobago.
Women – Argentina vs. Uruguay: 6-0

The close of the first day of the Pan American Cup brought Tokyo 2021 Olympic finalist Las Leonas, who arrived in Santiago with part of the squad that crowned the silver medal just a few months ago at the Olympic Games and who opened his participation by playing with the neighboring country, Uruguay.

The scoreboard was opened by Agustina Gorzelany thanks to an excellent corner at minute 2′ in the Uruguayan goal defended by the Uruguayan María Bates – and who was chosen best goalkeeper of the Junior Pan American Championship in August 2021 at the PWCC – while the second goal was scored by Micaela Retegui in the 9 ‘minute, thanks to a field game.

Despite the advantage that Argentina has always shown and the hard work done in defense by the cimarronas, with 15 seconds left before halftime, Agustina Albertarrio managed to score 3-0, and her 173rd goal carrying the Las Leonas jersey.

During the last quarter, Las Leonas closed with two more goals. It was 5-0 thanks to a deflection from Celina Di Santo and the sixth goal was a flick from Agustina Gorzelany – her second goal of the match.

Las Leonas’ next game will be against locals “Las Diablas”, a match in which Chile will also make their Pan American Cup debut this Friday at the Prince Of Wales Country Club.

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