6 wild facts about the deadly creator of SEAL Team Six

Today, Richard Marcinko is a business trainer, author and motivational speaker. In its early years, “Demo Dick” was the United States’ first counterterrorism operator. Marcinko enlisted in the US Navy in 1958 and eventually rose through the ranks to the rank of commander, earned degrees in international relations and political science, and won 34 medals and citations, including a silver star. , the Legion of Merit and four bronze. Stars. But that’s just his military CV.

Even among the ranks of US special operators, Marcinko, his track record and reputation are all exceptional – and it’s easy to see why. At 77, he still trains corporate executives as well as American and foreign hostage rescue teams. He even worked as a consultant on the FOX TV show. 24. His memories, Rogue warrior, is a New York Times bestseller.

“I’m good at war,” Marcinko told People magazine. “Even in Vietnam, the system prevented me from hunting and killing as many enemies as I would have liked.”

1) North Vietnam had a bounty on its head

As a platoon leader in Vietnam, Marcinko and his SEALs were so successful that the North Vietnamese military took note. Its assault on Ilo Ilo Island has been called the Mekong Delta’s most successful SEAL operation. During his second tour, Marcinko and SEAL Team Two teamed up with Army Special Forces in the Tet Offensive at Chau Doc. The SEALs rescued hospital staff caught in the crossfire as an all-out urban brawl raged around them.

Due to Marcinko’s daring and success, the NVA placed a bounty of 50,000 piastres on his head, payable to anyone who could prove he had killed the leader of the SEALs. Obviously, they never paid that premium.

(US Navy)

2) He was rejected by the Marine Corps

Marcinko joined the army at 18 but surprisingly (for some) he did not choose to join the Navy first. His first stop was the Marine Corps, which dismissed him outright because he had not graduated from high school. Then Marcinko, who will leave as Commander, enlists in the Navy. He then became an officer after graduating from the Naval Postgraduate School, earning his commission in 1965.

3) He designed the Navy’s counterterrorism operation

You know you’ve been successful when they make a video game about the story of your life.

After the tragic failure of Operation Eagle Claw, the US attempt to free hostages held by students in Iran, the US Navy and its special operations structure decided they needed an overhaul. Richard Marcinko was one of those who helped design the new system. His response was the creation of SEAL Team Six.

4) He numbered his SEAL team “Six” to deceive the Russians

When he created the all-new SEAL team, the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in the Cold War – and spies were everywhere. Not believing that anyone would keep the creation of his new unit a secret, he numbered it SEAL Team Six in order to trick the KGB into believing that there were three other SEAL Teams they didn’t know about.

5) His job was to infiltrate the bases – American bases

The Navy needed to know where their operational sensitivities were, where they were weakest. Even in areas where security was considered the strictest, the Navy was desperate to see if it could be infiltrated. So Vice Admiral James Lyons tasked Marcinko with creating another unit.

Beyond Neptune Spear: The Secret (Open) Story of SEAL Team Six (Part 1)

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Richard Marcinko created the OP-06D Naval Security Coordination Team, also known as Red Cell, a 13-man unit. Twelve were from SEAL Team Six and one from Marine Force Recon. They had to enter secure areas, nuclear submarines, Navy ships and even Air Force One. Red Cell was able to infiltrate and leave without warning. The reason? Serving military personnel have been replaced by contract civilian security officers.

A team
Just like the A-Team, except in real life. And Marcinko is in charge. And he is the only one. And he killed a lot more people. (NBC Universal Television)

6) He spent 15 months in prison

Towards the end of his career, he became embroiled in what the Navy called a “bribe scandal”, alleging that Richard Marcinko conspired with an Arizona arms dealer to receive $ 100,000. for getting a government contract for hand grenades. Marcinko argued that this accusation was the result of a witch hunt, a backlash for exposing so many vulnerabilities and embarrassing the Navy’s most senior officers. He served 15 months of a 21-month sentence.

This article was written by Blake Stilwell and originally published on WE ARE THE MIGHTY.

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